A small announcement

Well hello there!

You’ve caught Mr & Mrs in a small hiatus as we take some stationery timeout to have our very own little Miss.

I am SO GRATEFUL for all the wonderful couples that have come my way this past year and for all the support and encouragement that my little business has received with each passing month – especially from my husband who I feel is the unofficial ‘Mr’ in Mr & Mrs even though this is a one-woman show. He folds, he packs when needed and he’s forever answering my ‘which one looks better – left or right?’ dilemma. He is the best unpaid employee this business will ever see :)

If you are planning a late Spring/Summer 2014 wedding, stationery orders will recommence from June 2014 and I so look forward to hearing from you then.

Until then, it’s bye bye papercuts… hello baby!!! Be seeing you back here in a few!! xx Melody


Mr & Mrs Wanderlust



How divinely fitting that two travel-obsessed individuals met & fell in love working their respective jobs… in their respective Flight Centre workstations!! You’ve got your travel job on one hand, and your future travel/life partner on the other – can it get ANY better than that? Come March for Kelly & Ewan, I think it’s just about to :)

I had the very sweet honour of illustrating their story below…

Mr & Mrs Peachy


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A bubbly Noosa bride getting set to marry her Indian prince… bring on the colour! But to be specific – peach, hot pink & gold with highlights in any other shade of happy (except yellow – Katelyn was very specific about that!).

Katelyn & Arjun are getting married at the most incredible light-filled, beach glam-y chic venue called The Noosa Beach House, preceded by a ceremony at the aptly named Hidden Grove, tucked back from the shores of Noosa Beach. We wanted to create a suite to sit in line with the vibe of the wedding and of Katelyn’s sunny hometown. To achieve the look I illustrated their names in loose calligraphy, later stamped in a glorious shade of gold (doesn’t gold make things look just a bit spesh?), paired with a custom painted floral to feature in the envelope liners, RSVP postcard & belly bands. It was a real treat to get my paintbrushes out, work off screen and put my compulsive ⌘Z twitch aside for the artwork. This one was really a labour of love!

Mr & Mrs Crisp



I LOVE a bride who is confident enough to ask for something understated. Oh I totally get that you’d want the zhoozh and all the sparkle for one of the biggest celebrations you’ve ever planned, but when I have the occasional couple come along and ask for ‘crisp and refined’, don’t doubt I get a wee bit excited!

Alex & Brent, their design stamped in matt gold foil on Superfine Ultra White in Eggshell.
I’m telling you because Patrick Bateman would care.

A snowy proposal


Juliette & I went to design school together, so it came as a bit of a surprise when she got in touch recently for me to design her wedding stationery… I’ve always assumed that all designers want to design their own things, drag themselves through a million drafts whilst agonising over the smallest details, trembling under the pressure of having everyone judge their taste & ability on the self-directed project at hand. It is the best possible way to torment yourself, chew up your weekends and rack up the hours which you’d reel at for any normal client. Ask any designer who’s had to design their own logo.

So I guess it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Juliette delegated the task at hand. She’s not the kind of girl that messes around, so the brief was clear and the premise was this; Viet proposed atop a mountain in the snowfields. She also liked snowflakes. Turn that into a design please.

After grappling with drafts of snowmen and little chairlifts strung between lasercut mountains and thinking everything I drew looked like Christmas (it didn’t help that her invitations were being sent out around now either!) I had to pare it right back and decided to stick with her love of snowflakes, and scrap the silver foil printing I’d had my heart set on using for her design (again, Christmas!). I felt so much better simplifying the whole design, and Juliette was all for the clean, graphic take on a snowy theme too! Win!

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