Juliette & I went to design school together, so it came as a bit of a surprise when she got in touch recently for me to design her wedding stationery… I’ve always assumed that all designers want to design their own things, drag themselves through a million drafts whilst agonising over the smallest details, trembling under the pressure of having everyone judge their taste & ability on the self-directed project at hand. It is the best possible way to torment yourself, chew up your weekends and rack up the hours which you’d reel at for any normal client. Ask any designer who’s had to design their own logo.

So I guess it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Juliette delegated the task at hand. She’s not the kind of girl that messes around, so the brief was clear and the premise was this; Viet proposed atop a mountain in the snowfields. She also liked snowflakes. Turn that into a design please.

After grappling with drafts of snowmen and little chairlifts strung between lasercut mountains and thinking everything I drew looked like Christmas (it didn’t help that her invitations were being sent out around now either!) I had to pare it right back and decided to stick with her love of snowflakes, and scrap the silver foil printing I’d had my heart set on using for her design (again, Christmas!). I felt so much better simplifying the whole design, and Juliette was all for the clean, graphic take on a snowy theme too! Win!

Mr & Mrs stationery Mr & Mrs stationery