Well hello there!

You’ve caught Mr & Mrs in a small hiatus as we take some stationery timeout to have our very own little Miss.

I am SO GRATEFUL for all the wonderful couples that have come my way this past year and for all the support and encouragement that my little business has received with each passing month – especially from my husband who I feel is the unofficial ‘Mr’ in Mr & Mrs even though this is a one-woman show. He folds, he packs when needed and he’s forever answering my ‘which one looks better – left or right?’ dilemma. He is the best unpaid employee this business will ever see :)

If you are planning a late Spring/Summer 2014 wedding, stationery orders will recommence from June 2014 and I so look forward to hearing from you then.

Until then, it’s bye bye papercuts… hello baby!!! Be seeing you back here in a few!! xx Melody